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About Us 

To Promote and Preserve Japanese Culture in Los Angeles

Tsubasa is dedicated to bringing the education and celebration of Japanese culture, art, and technique through the study of kimono and tea. 


Since 2012, we have been sharing the appreciation of these cultural elements in the Little Tokyo area - through partnerships with the Little Tokyo Public Library, Chado Tea Room, Far East Lounge, Japanese Pioneer Center, and the Japanese American National Museum. We also strive to inspire the next generation - by providing demonstrations and educational workshops through local schools and universities.


 We hope you join us to learn and treasure the Japanese roots in Los Angeles. 

Masayo Sebata, Kimono Specialist & Tea Instructor

Masayo is the specialist in the art of Kitsuke  - Kimono dressing. She received her Okudenkoushi - instructor’s license to teach Kimono dressers from the internationally renowned Yamano Kitsuke School in 2011. We hope to share the opportunity to wear kimono, to dress oneself, and to appreciate kimono tradition in the modern world. 



There are three schools of Chado practice today and each have unique teachings. Urasenke is one of the three, and Masayo has studied Chado for more than 20 years. We are dedicated to sharing an educational approach to the Japanese tea ceremony, and hope more and more come to appreciate the Way of Tea.  

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